45NRTH Xerxes Tire - 700 x 30, Clincher, Steel, Black, 33tpi, 140 Carbide Steel Studs

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The Xerxes is a studded commuter tire designed to provide unrivaled traction and control on those rides where icy patches threaten your trip. The ultra-narrow profile easily slices through the fluff and allows the 140 carbide tip studs to grip black ice with confidence.

  • Tightly spaced center lugs decrease rolling resistance for a faster ride
  • Steep angled center and transition lugs provide excellent braking and acceleration traction
  • Reflective strip on sidewall makes you more visible when riding in low-light conditions
  • 140 Steel-carbide, flat tip studs
  • We design 45NRTH tires for extreme winter cycling applications. We do not recommend this product be used with power assist bikes as the additional torque and system weight can lead to pre-mature casing wear and stud loss.
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